Welcome to our class blog! We are one united class and we will strive together. Here, we will update when we have things to say regarding our school homeworks and write down daily updates that may or may not be useful to you.

This blog is created because JH104 ROCKS so much, we create EARTHQUAKES.
We're so COOL, ice cubes are jealous! WE LOVE OURSELVES!<3
Don't be too freaked out if the awesomeness is too much for you! CAUSE YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING LIKE US, YO!

The blog admins? We bite, so get lost if you're thinking of messing with us. And watch out, rawr.
But we’re definitely friendly if you’re friendly too! Hun, gotta prob? DEAL WITH IT. PURPLE PEOPLE POSSESS POWER! Yeah we're purple, by the way it never was gay to like purple.

Ego much?NOT!

And for the record, Aerius rocks.
Keep checking out for our page for the latest updates!
Cheerzzx :)